Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes? 
We have two options for registration:

1. Online registration.  Go to the Classes We Offer tab and select Registration.  Find the classes you want to enroll in and click 'Register' on the left hand side.  Here you will enter your information and pay online.  Note: Your credit card will NOT be charged at time of registration. We will calculate payments and any applicable discounts, then charge your card within 10 days of registration. 

2. Paper registration form: Use this method if you prefer to pay by check each month.  A waiver form must also be filled out.    Click  here for a registration and waiver form.  Mail form with payment to:


How do I pay?
Tuition is due on the first class of the month, regardless of absence.  If you choose to pay each month by check, there is a tuition drop box in the viewing area. Please include your child's name & class on the memo line.  If you choose to have your credit card charged each month for tuition, this will occur between the 1st and 3rd of each month. 

Where do I buy dance shoes? 
Intrepid Dance Company offers a wide range of shoes for each style of dance.  Our friendly staff are there to help fit your dancer See required shoes under each age group under our Programs tab.  Be sure to label all shoes!

What should dancers wear to class? 
Proper dance attire is required for the class.  A leotard and tights are required. Skirts, shorts or form-fitting pants over tights are allowed.  Boys may wear pants or shorts with a fitted shirt.  Please, no denim or baggy clothes.  Hair must be tied back!

Can parents stay to watch and am I required to stay during my child's class?
Parents are welcome to stay and watch from the viewing area.  Parents will not be allowed into studios to ensure our dance floors are kept clean and safe for the dancers, and also to avoid distractions for all participants.  Parents are not required to stay during class.  If you choose to leave, please be sure to pick up your dancer on time.

Are classes canceled if there is bad weather?
If the weather becomes bad during winter months, classes may be canceled.   Please call the studio at (000-000-0000) to find out if classes are running.  A notice will not always be sent out so be sure to call or check our website.  Classes will not be made up in the case of bad weather. 

Can my child attend a make-up class if we miss? 
We ask that dancers make every effort to attend all classes for proper skill development and to learn choreography as a group.  If you do need to miss a class, we allow a make-up class in the same age group only.  Make up classes should be taken within one month of absence and must be scheduled. 

Do you offer classes for adults?
Dance classes are offered for adults, from beginners to experienced dancers.  
We also offer fitness classes for ages 16 & above.  Adult classes run in sessions, except our performing classes for experienced dancers. 



Q: My Child turns 5 in November. Should she be in the 3-4 year old class or the 5-6 year old class? A: Although all children are different, typically the dancers should dance with the 3-4 year olds. The 5-6 year olds are kindergarten and 1st graders. If your child is not yet in school, the 3-4 year old class could be the best fit. If you are still not sure, we would be happy to meet your child to help make the best assessment. Q: If my child is ill, should I call you and can the missed class be made up? A: Please give us a call if your child will be absent. The teachers like to know. If you are in a recreational class ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, or 10-12, the class can be made up during a class of the same age and type. Please call or stop by the desk to schedule the make up class. Q: Does my child HAVE to wear make up to be a dancer? A: There are many different levels of dancers at Dancin On Broadway. The short answer to the question is: NO, dancers do NOT have to wear make up for pictures or recitals! Dancers in our Recreational Program can choose to wear make up to help enhance their facial features for class pictures, while on stage and for the videos. Q: I have heard dance is expensive. Is it? A: As any sport, hobby, or activity, the more involved you are, the more time you spend doing it, the cost increases. At Dancin On Broadway, we work hard to provide quality dance program, with qualified instructors at reasonable prices. Our recreational classes are as low as $34 per month, for 1 forms of dance. Our competitive groups start at $60 per month, for 3 forms of dance. Q: Is it true dancers have class practice many days a week? A: Some of our competitive dancers may dance 2 days a week, or more if they choose. Our Recreational dancers only attend class 1 day a week. Q: What is the point of taking dance class when my child will never be a professional dancer? A: No matter the profession you choose, you will need self-esteem, confidence, team work, hard work ethics, determination, and the ability to set and reach goals to be a success. At Dancin On Broadway our teachers not only give their dancers proper dance training, but encourage them to strive to be their best while learning how to work with their peers and achieve their goals! DOB raises GREAT Dancers and GREAT young people!