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Competition Program


Join Our Award-Winning Team!


While dancing in a competitive line, dancers have the opportunity to perform on stage multiple times throughout the dance season. Our competitive lines will spend their class time learning their competition dances as well as improving their technique and flexibility.


Company Lines:

Our Company Lines will practice 2-3 days a week with 1 day set aside for Ballet Technique. Our teams will compete at 3 Regional Competitions local to the Twin Cities as well as 1 National Competition.

Pre-Competition Lines:

These dancers will practice 2 days a week and attend 2-3 regional competitions during the spring with an option to join us at nationals. This is a great way for dancers who are looking for more of a challenge to work their way up to our more competitive teams.


All returning competition dancers are required to take Summer Competition Technique classes.  If you are new and interested it is HIGHLY recommended you take the Summer Competition Technique.  Additional classes in other genres are recommended for additional skills or to improve current skills.


Competition Team Summer Technique

Current competition team dancers will be required to take competition dance technique during the summer of 2024.  If you have more than 2 years of competitive experience you can enroll in the summer technique or choose to enroll in the Intro to Competition since you are new to the studio.


New to Competition (Pre-Competition)

If you are new to the competition or have limited experience, we have designed a class just for you.  Register for "Pre-Competition" in the online registration portal.


Our 2024-2025 Competition Team Auditions will be held on Monday, August 5th, and Tuesday, August 6th

Competition Technique classes will be offered in Session 2.


Dancers are automatically enrolled in auditions when they register for the Competition Technique. Dancers will need to audition in a leotard and tights with hair in a bun or ponytail. More information about times will be sent to families registered close to the audition dates.  Dancers will need to be present on both days for auditions.

Competition Teams
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