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Why Intrepid Dance Company


Intrepid Dance Company strives to provide a family-friendly environment that helps dancers grow and learn the art of dance. We have a well-rounded staff for both our recreational programs and competitive teams. We provide an outlet for our dancers to be themselves and build new long-lasting friendships.


We are a full-service dance studio with classes ranging in ages 2 to Adult. We are located off Douglas Drive and 36th Avenue.


Our program goal is to help each dancer become who they are wanting to be and help them achieve their goals.

What makes us different:

  • Teamwork

  • Caring and friendly staff

  • Family Atmosphere

  • Multiple Class Days and Time that fit your family life

  • Age-appropriate costuming and choreography

  • Affordable costumes & classes

  • Online Registration and Online Payments!

Our 3 dance studios are fully equipped with:


  • Suspended dance floors

  • Ballet Barres

  • Mirrors

Studio 1
Studio 2

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3

Studio 3

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