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5, 6, 7, 8 - It's Recital Time

Spring brings rain, and flowers, and bugs. We pull out shorts and flip-flops, start planning picnics and a trip to the beach. We count down the days until school is out.

In the dance world, spring often means Recital! For students, the recital is the biggest event of the year. They work toward this performance in class, try on costumes and learn choreography. The program should demonstrate their achievements or progress during their 9 or 10 months of classes.

Dance is defined as a performance art. Google did not offer much information on how or when the tradition of dance recitals started. It has been happening for a long time. I danced in several recitals as a child and as an adult.

Maybe a better question is why? Why is there a “recital”?

Just as soccer players have tournaments and football players have games, dancers have performances! From learning the first eight-count of choreography in class to the final bow on stage, the dance recital is a highlight of a dancer’s year.

Dancing on stage in front of an audience builds confidence in young performers. They feel pride and joy when they exit the stage, having delivered their best effort. Dancers also learn how to make a commitment to a class or team and work toward a goal. The recital provides a sense of accomplishment.

A recital also creates memories. Most dancers remember their favorite costumes and dancing on the stage. I can personally still remember a number of dances I did as a child and how much joy it brought me to perform them for my friends and family. I remember one of my favorite costumes for a dance I did for a tap number "Sea Cruise", as well as a pointe number I did to the song "One" from A Chorus Line "One".

Learning to dance isn’t all about teaching skills. It’s also about making friends and working as a team. Students practice for hours together to create an entertaining piece of art. Soloists work with a teacher and learn to bring someone’s concepts to life. Recital pulls everyone together as a team.

Dance recitals are also a wonderful activity for family and friends. It’s a great way to support the arts and small businesses in your community. Recitals bring people together.

Last year we ended up recording our dancers and Live Streamed the shows for all our families to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. The kids had a blast, the parents were more than thankful to close the chapter on what was a very interesting season.

This year we couldn't be more excited to have an in-person recital at Armstrong High School on Saturday, May 15th! We have 3 shows slated to watch our dancers take the stage and shine as bright as the lights! We can't wait to see everyone put their best foot forward and dance!

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