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Dancing through life

Pandemic or no - staying active is important. So many businesses and schools have transitioned to virtual due to COVID-19 which is AH-Mazing. This shift also creates a greater need for us to get up and move. We are in a bit of conundrum - safety is a #1 concern due to COVID; we also want our kids (and ourselves) to have a sense of normalcy and continue or return to their hobbies/activities.

Now that schools will be starting soon and each district has their own game plan in place for how they will do learning this year, most children will be either virtual, in person, or a hybrid. Exercise for children (and everyone) has been an important topic for a while. As children sit in front of screens for school, it is now more important than ever. Virtual school days are at least 3 hours - most of the time is spent in front of a computer.

But...let's be honest, virtual learning is not the same. Social interaction is a critical part of learning. As dance students what their favorite part of a class is and they will say - seeing my friends. What did they miss the most? Seeing their friends!

As dance schools begin opening their doors, we understand parents

asking "is it safe to go back?" Since most dance studio owners are also parents, and we call our students "our family", we empathize with your concern. Many dance studios are now transitioning back from virtual lessons to in-person classes, as well as hybrid options. Studio owners are looking to re-connect with their students, help them continue their training as well as bridge any gaps that may have happened with dancing online.

Initially, for many IDC returning to in-person classes and performances after months of quarantine was both exciting and scary. However, knowing they were returning to their dance studio family—a second home for many of them—made the transition much easier. The outdoor recital not only lifted dancers' spirits but also successfully eased them back into attending social gatherings.

For the foreseeable future in our studio, class capacity is going to be limited . We have a grid of boxes one entrance and exit point for each of our studio floors. We use hand sanitizer when needed but always ask the dancers and our staff to wash their hands with soap and water prior to entering our dance rooms.

We disinfect between classes. Personal mask containers will also be a new addition this season. Wipe down the common touch areas. Y'all - it is a lot. We are willing to take all these steps - and more - because there are students who need to be back in the studio - to see their teacher, their friends, have a mirror.

For every class, we also have a virtual option. Students can switch to virtual lessons at any time or sign up exclusively for virtual.

There are options. We are ready to meet you where you are. Not sure? Ask for a safety tour. You can visit the studio while there are no classes and walk through the protocols with us. We have a safety video available or you can view our protocols here.

While the future still remains uncertain and restrictions could go back into place at a moment’s notice, our team at Intrepid Dance Company is staying positive, confident in our ability to adapt to the changing times and do whatever it takes to keep their dancers safe - and moving.

Are you looking for a dance studio? Check out why people dance with IDC.

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